Rata CRS is one of the main sectors of DCS that can be used by airline service providers. RATA Central Reservation System provides the ability to define and plan flights, determine the capacity of flight classes, determine the rate of each class and control capacity for all airlines, and also enable customers such as travel agencies to use the GDS distribution system to Search and book the flight

Rata CRS system is implemented in accordance with the IATA rules and consists of three main modules:

  1. Schedule and Flight
  • The ability to determine the configuration of the airplane includes the definition of aircraft cabins (First - Business - Economy) and the capacity of each cabin
  • The ability to define class rates for each cabin and determine the capacity of each class
  • Operate the “Nesting” feature to share classes capacity between each other
  • It is possible to define a long-term schedule for specific flights with specific flight number in case of repeating on weekdays
  • The management of timetable including production of flights automatically
  • Display the produced flights according to the timetable
  • Ability to edit a specific flight information
  • Flight management cancellation


  1. Fare & Pricing  
  • Determine the base rate for each class and define the time period when the rate is applicable
  • Ability to define the rate rules including the defined categories by IATA and the allocation of rules to the base rate
  • The ability to define different rates for different time periods and the ability to edit proper rates for the seats


  1.  Inventory Control  
  • Display and control flight inventory for each cabin according to its class
  • Display the quantity of PNR seats and hold the booking up to 20 minutes to issue the ticket
  • Display the number of airplane seats with “pending” status
  • Being able to make a number of the seats unavailable and allocate them to different sale offices



Some features of Rata Central Reservation System

  • Define and plan the services
  • Determine class rates and control their capacity
  • Receiving bills and financial reports
  • Ability to give credit and control selling network accounts
  • The ability to provide tourist services for travel agencies
  • Possibility to provide web service to other reservation systems


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