The capital market is one of the most significant part of the economy that has an important impact on its growth and prosperity. Investing in this market is a profitable types of investments and has attracted much attention. For those who are eager to work in this field, they need to be trained and do extensive researches. Today, information technology has helped analysts to achieve their investment goals.

Capital market participants can be categorized into four sections:

  1. Legal and real investors who enter the stock market for investment.
  2. Companies who offer their stocks on capital market too attract more assets
  3. Portfolio companies and portfolio management that have invested on capital market in behalf of real and legal persons and receive a percentage of the income as commission.
  4. Brokerage firm that facilitate the buying and selling of financial securities between a buyer and a seller and receive a percentage as commission.


 Stock Market Analysis System

Samaneh Kish Company has designed and implemented its Capital Market Analysis Software, Bourse Decision Support System (BDSS) to facilitate the decision-making of investors and analysts in this field. This system attaches to the data of Securities and Exchange Organization and Codal System, and analyses special dates for traders. Using this system, investors will be able to find the right destination for investing based on their investment strategies and to buy and sell their securities in the shortest possible time.


Stock management

Kish Company has implemented the stock management system for companies. Companies can use this system to communicate with their investors, manage assets, and manage and increase company’s profit.




Portfolio management


Portfolio management system provides investment and portfolio management for companies. Using Bourse Decision Support System (BDSS), users will be able to create their own investment portfolio, manage dividend payments and participate in raising funds and manage shareholder rights, and also manage to buy and sell securities.


Online Trading system

To ease of carrying out the assigned duties, the online trading system allows managing the brokerage business