Today, with the advent of information technology, the world has come to an era where sophisticated and intelligent systems are becoming more and more necessary.

Thanks to experienced staff, as well as professional advisers, Samaneh Kish Company has designed and implemented a DCS system for airlines all over the country. Rata DCS system is capable of mechanizing the check-in process, issuing flight cards, as well as accepting, boarding and controlling the loading of a plane, and can support all airports and airlines throughout the country. Receiving passengers’ information (PNR) through PNL/ADL messages from CRS reservation system, and also sending required messages after getting off the plane, Rata DCS system allows exchange messages with the CRS system.


Characteristics of Rata DCS(Departure Control System)

  • Full compliance with IATA standards (PSCRM and AHM503)
  • Support all standard airport equipment (printer and gate reader)
  • Compatible with CUTE and CUPPS standards
  • Possibility to work with Self-Check-In kiosks
  • Support mobile admission, mobile based boarding and online admissions
  • Comprehensive Weight & Balance system with issuance ability of Load Sheet and Trim Sheet, and sending LDM / CPM / MVT messages.
  • E-Ticketing Support
  • Possibility to update tickets in ETENGINE systems while “Interactive” mode
  • Ability to connect to “Flit Watch” systems in airlines
  • Supporting passengers’ DOS
  • Supporting API and APP
  • Possibility to manage the flight, creating admission database and load control with specific and customizable accesses
  • Module for reporting management and business intelligence (BI)
  • Provide different flight reports to different people on the airline via  telegram, SMS or email
  • Ability to receive ADL/PNL, and sending Post-flight messages such as PFS/ PRL/ ETL through Email, Web Service, FTP and SITATEX
  • Support EDIFACT messages
  • Ability to connect to other DCSs to receive next passenger’s travel card

(Interline Through Check-In)

  • Ability to send passenger’s load information to the next flight ( via BPM and BTM messages)